Slow Food. Slow Scenes.

So you are warned: This is very LONG ;) Don't waste your time if you are not ready for those Little Ordinary Big Things.

My wife, Hu, is from Taiwan and her parents live in Chishang, a town in the East Rift Valley of the island. This is how I've lived when I was there, spending quality time with her family, slowly. Shopping for food, road trips, joking with friends, laughing with kids, and good, hmmm, probably the best food in the country cooked by Mama Hu and her executive chef Papa Hu.

The Good Fish, Always steamed.
Chishang, Taiwan. Autumn 2018.
all by || Carlos Velasco

A group of Spaniards came along to Taiwan in the summer of 2017, attending a Taiwanese-Spanish wedding in Chihshang, the northernmost township on the East Rift Valley in Taitung County, as well as the origin of the renowned quality Chihshang Rice.

This is A Taiwan Story which tells about these Spaniards' adventures in Taipei, the capital city and Chihshang. Through three chapters, it tells how they EAT Taiwan, how they indulged in the beauty of the RICE fields, and how they blended themselves with Taiwanese MAN / WOMAN.

This is not only A TAIWAN STORY about them, but also A TAIWAN STORY dedicated to Taiwanese people.

Taipei & Chishang, Taiwan. Summer 2017.
all by || Carlos Velasco
music || Los Nunca Necesarios Pliegues / Cuarto / Album "Segundas partes" & 交工樂隊 {縣道184(卷首詩)} & Learnin´ The Blues / Frank Sinatra & 新寶島康樂隊 {日出} & Learning / Perfume Genius / Album "Learning" & 胡德夫 {美麗島}

LONDON Testing
London, UK. March 2017.
all by || Carlos Velasco
music || "Operation Brittany Not Accomplished" by Nicholas Smith is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial License. Link to author :

Life is short, go to LISBON.
Lisbon, Portugal. May 2016.
all by || Carlos Velasco

Just In Time. One day with Jari Ge, founder of NOAH’S ARK Animal Welfare Organization.
Taipei, Taiwan. Summer 2014.
director || Carlos Velasco
executive producer || Kate Hu
music || Owen Wang
subtitle editing || Nikki Lu & Jeffrey Chuang
additional music track || “Just In Time” by Nina Simone

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The Shooting Diary TAIWAN
Taipei & Chishang, Taiwan. Summer 2014.
all by || Carlos Velasco

2 Minutes in OPORTO
Porto, Portugal. May 2014.
fado singer || Júlio Ernesto Gomes Veiga @Restaurant Casa Porto á Noite
all by || Carlos Velasco